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Tough Arrangement set

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Prasoon Parihar
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On a particular day, six persons – Kiran, Lalit, Manoj, Naveen, Omar and
Piyush – visited a coffee shop, each at a different time. Further, each of the
six persons had a different beverage among Antoccino, Cappuccino,
Chococcino, Frappuccino Marocchino and Mochaccino, at the coffee shop.
The following information is known about the order in which the six persons
visited the coffee shop and the beverages that they had:

1. The person who was the first to visit the coffee shop had neither
an Antoccino nor a Frappuccino, while the person who was the last to visit
did not have a Marocchino.
2. The person who had a Frappuccino visited the coffee shop
immediately before the person who had a Marocchino.
3. Kiran, who did not have an Antoccino, visited the coffee shop
immediately before Manoj, who had a Chococcino.
4. Lalit, who had a Cappuccino, visited the coffee shop immediately
before the person who had an Antoccino.
5. Naveen, who did not have a Marocchino, visited the coffee shop
immediately after Omar but both of them visited the coffee shop before Lalit.


Can someone please help me with the final table?

Posted : 28/10/2020 1:52 pm
Rahul Singh
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Here is how the final table will look like.

Posted : 28/10/2020 3:31 pm