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Picture 2

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Post your stories for the picture in the comments sections. 

Picture 2. 

Points to keep in mind:

* Do not exceed the word limit which is 350 words. 

* Give a suitable title for the story. 

* Time yourself and complete the story in 15-20 minutes. 


Noopur A.
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Image sequence: C-A-B-D

Title: The new normal

It was the first day after a year-long lockdown at the office. Mr. Thomas, the manager, silently observed his team, which was enjoying a reunion of sorts. It felt like they were meeting each other after ages. He never really bothered to connect with his team apart from professional conversations. He shrugged and started answering his emails, eyes never leaving the screen.

For the weekly catch-up, they all headed to the conference room. Overlooking the sea, it was a room with ample natural light, decorated with artefacts and showpieces. As the meeting began, Mr. Thomas stared across the room, as his team keenly listened to the presentation. After the team left for their lunch break, Aditya stayed back. "Everything alright, sir?" Mr Thomas smiled and headed towards the huge glass window, grabbed the small binoculars amongst the artefacts and looked out. "Doesn't it feel weird? Meeting the familiar faces after a long time?" Mr. Thomas asked. He noticed how only a few people crowded Gateway of India today, but it still felt overwhelming to see people flocking for sightseeing.

Mr Thomas noticed him fidgeting with the small metallic bear showpiece on the table as he struggled to answer. Aditya said "Not really, sir. We were all exhausted of video calls, this is much better." he smiled. "I wish I got to know my team well before the pandemic, work from home would've been easier," Mr. Thomas said. "Sir, why don't you join us for lunch today," Aditya suggested. Hoping this lunch to be the icebreaker for his "new normal", Mr. Thomas joined his team.