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Picture 1.

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Post your stories for the picture in the comments sections. 

Picture 1. 

Points to keep in mind:

* Do not exceed the word limit which is 350 words. 

* Give a suitable title for the story. 

* Time yourself and complete the story in 15-20 minutes. 


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My attempt for the story: 


Mr Jonathan, a quinquagenarian, with a grey beard and a spooky look, purchased an empty lot in the Roosevelt Road of Chicago and built a labyrinthine structure with shops on the first floor and small apartments above.
This edifice became known as Jonathan's Mystery Castle.
One fine evening, Mr Holmes, a peculiar strange-looking man, was on his new quest or rather on a new investigation regarding homeless children kidnapped by a balloon seller. Strange isn't it? Holmes kept thinking about how the balloons could lead to kidnapping,
so the very next morning he went to the balloon seller, standing at a distance, and seeing the activities that were taking place. What he saw was completely unbelievable, as soon as the balloons were handed to the children they fainted due to the release of carbon monoxide from the balloons.
From his position, Holmes then followed the White Van of ZX2 O452 which carried the kids; to his surprise, they were standing outside the gate of the Mystery Castle, he followed the Man carrying the children inside the gate, suddenly a knife blew past his ears, leaving a distance of not even an inch, call it a fluke that Holmes was alive that day, that mystery of who threw the knife at him is still a mystery,

Nevertheless, on entering the castle what he saw was something no one could ever believe.
The homeless children who were kidnapped were not dead but were given a new home to live, which no one knows about.
When Mr Holmes met Jonathan, the supposed kidnapper told him: my child was killed in an accident and since then I wanted to care for the other children, this is my way of doing it."

Aditi Sharma
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Chef Sharma, was an eminent chef during his times. He was in prison now for 11years and was telling one of the new inmates the reason why he was behind the bars. The meat Chef made was so delectable that people couldn’t forget it’s taste for years. It was his granddaughters 16th birthday and she wanted to celebrate it in this fort converted restaurant that her grandfather worked at lavishly with some ambrosia kind of meat. He was cooking what he was well known for - meat, a meat you couldn’t get to eat anywhere, not even at home when he cooked there.


 Everyone arrived and she was welcomed by the restaurant by a bunch of flowers and balloons. She kept looking around for her grand dad but she couldn’t find him, not even in the restaurant's kitchen. Couple of minutes later while she was exiting the kitchen, she saw a shadow and immediately figured that it was him, her grandfather. 


She moved closer to him to make sense of what he was doing near the backyard door, and to her surprise, she saw him drag a dead body, cut it into pieces and mix it in the gravy along with the meat. Seeing this, she got so distressed that she started to run away from there and at the same time, a balloon burst and Chef realised she had understood what was the secret ingredient in the meat he cooked. She told him, “You are so disgusting. How could you do something so evil? I will tell everyone about the nauseating recipe of yours and will also inform the police”. To keep the secret ingredient a secret, Chef Sharma, used the same knife he was cutting meat and that body with to stab his granddaughter. While narrating this story, tears dropped by his eyes as he repented his actions on his grand daughter's 7th death anniversary by making meat for the inmates without any human pieces in it this time.