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AQ1.The men jumped up and rushed to the river

2. They poured it on the glowing bed of charcoal

3. The water gurgled out and the dying embers hissed and sent up little curls of vapour

4. They quickly came back with pitchers laden with water.


2. A. Good writers use more verbs.

B. However,it is hard to write without verbs.

C. The reason is that if unnecessary words are reduced, the verb-percentage goes up as a mathematical necessity.

D. So “use verbs” is not really good advice; writers have to use verbs, and trying to add extra ones would not turn out well.



3. A. During the 24-hour darkness of the austral autumn and winter, the South Pole Telescope operates nonstop under impeccable conditions for astronomy.

B. The atmosphere is thin (the pole is more than 9,300 feet above sea level, 9,000 of which are ice), stable (due to the absence of the heating and cooling effects of a rising and setting Sun) and the pole has some of the calmest winds on Earth, blowing almost always from the same direction.

C. “The South Pole has the harshest environment on Earth, but also the most benign,” says William Holzapfel, a University of California at Berkeley astrophysicist, the on-site lead researcher at the South Pole Telescope.

D. From an astronomer’s perspective, not until the Sun goes down and stays down—March through September— does the South Pole get “benign.”


4. 1. As a retention strategy, the company has issued many schemes including ESOPs.

2.Given the track record and success of our employees, other companies often look to us as hunting ground for talent

3. The growth of the Indian economy has led to an increased requirement for talented managerial personnel and we believe that the talented manpower is our key strength.

4. Further, in order to mitigate the risk we place considerable emphasis on development of leadership skills and on building employee motivation.


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